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Image by Sean O.

Mike Darcey is on a mission to help married couples around the world live as if it’s their 2nd honeymoon every single day. As an entrepreneur, coach, investor, parent, and volunteer, navigating the ups and downs of tough relationships throughout his life have revealed the secrets that create long-lasting, outstanding marriages and he’s excited to share these secrets with you. He is the creator of Love Life Central, a passionate community where like-minded people learn life-changing priorities, principles, and practices that make life great. Delightfully enjoying the tropical weather in Hawaii, Mike and his wife Lisa, spend most of their time in shorts and   T-shirts in a cozy home minutes away from the famous Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. Every year running, Mike has a perfect record of receiving the Husband of the Year Award from Lisa, and he expects to work hard to keep earning that title for the rest of his life.

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